Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Kaple of Dayton, OH, sent in this wicked shot of a 4-foot pike that bashed a Storm Hot-N-Tot crankbait. Field & Stream Online Editors
Alan Pelesic of Utica, NY, poses with his dad and the 8-point buck he shot last November. Dad had to urge him to get out of bed that morning, and Alan is glad he did. Field & Stream Online Editors
Amy Tibbets of Mercer, ME, sent in this photo of her husband after a successful morning calling for turkeys. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jake Bloxham of Williston, ND, shot this cougar while sitting for whitetail along the Missouri River. Field & Stream Online Editors
What was 2 1/2-year-old Caiden Ramos’s reward for using the potty? A chance to join dad Larry on his first deer hunt. Here he is ready for action and nearly invisible. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ben North of West Lafayette, IN, fished in the pouring rain on the Wabash River for the pay-off of a 65-pound blue catfish. The monster ate a live shad in 12 feet of water. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Neiduski of Danielson, CT, with a buck he shot on the last day of Thanksgiving break last year. He took his trophy on his family farm, then flew back to school later that afternoon. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew Hemmann of Newington, CT, bagged this heavy striper on a bunker chunk while fishing at the lighthouse in Fenwick, CT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Edward Rogowki boated this 12-pound walleye while trolling Lake Ontario on the New York side. Field & Stream Online Editors
Buddies Patrick Horn and Billy Bernier show off a big largemouth and bronzeback caught near Mechanicsville, PA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jared Morton was throwing a glow-in-the-dark Little Cleo just after sundown near Kenosha, WI, when this big Lake Michigan brown trout slammed the offering. Field & Stream Online Editors
Randy Welfl of Thermopolis, WY, shows off the first whitetail he ever shot with a bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Richards of Littleton, CO, hooked up this 6-pound rainbow trout in Dever Springs, England. Field & Stream Online Editors
Erik Wilder of Greenup, KY, harvested this 8-point buck while on the second bow trip of his life. Field & Stream Online Editors
Derek Butts of Conneaut, OH, spent three years hunting this buck until he finally got his shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
Seth Shafer of Chambersburg, PA, with the Hartebeest he took while hunting in Namibia just after his 80th birthday. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Goist, 10, with a brown trout he hooked on his fly rod while fishing in Pennsylvania. Field & Stream Online Editors
George Goure hooked into this mahi mahi while trolling off Rivera Maya, Mexico, with his grandson Connor. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michele Bagnall and Chase Giles reeled in these two hybrid striped bass during an evening trip on Cherokee Lake in Tennessee. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jen Hickerson with a bow-killed bear she harvested on public land in Oscoda County, MI. Field & Stream Online Editors
Hooked on bowhunting by her fiancee Tim, Theresa Hedrick caught on quickly. Here she and Tim pose with her second buck, taken near Morgantown, WV. Field & Stream Online Editors
Clayton Santiago traveled from Lula, GA, to Michigan to cash in on fly action with the local salmon. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Landgren beached this Chinook Salmon while casting in the Salmon River near Pulaski, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andy Brassuer of Grand Rapids, MI, caught and released this 9-inch bluegill on the Grand River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kyle Geesey scored this nice buck during a hunt in Montana. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rick Smith shot this Kudu right before sunset on the Limpopo Province of South Africa. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Gabel sent us this photo of his sister Ali and her daughter Gwinn with some trout they battled this August. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bradley Gibson of Dothan, AL, shot this deer with his bow last season on public land. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dwayne Nikolaisen of Chesterfield, VA, with a deer he took last season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Irving Bueno scored this largemouth at Mirror Lake in New Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors