Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Riemer with an impressive deer taken with his bow near Pittsburgh, PA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nickolas Optis of Fairport, NY, shot this massive brown bear in Alaska last spring. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Swick and sons get jazzed up over their crappie catch boated near Lufkin, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Harrington and some other buddies from Sonoma, CA, show off the rewards of their hunt while others in the field look on. Field & Stream Online Editors
Adam Newcomb sent us this shot of his wife, Tossa, sleeping on the job while striper fishing in the California Delta. Says Newcomb, “Thanks Field & Stream for helping me embarrass her!” Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jamey Rothmeier of Eagle River, AK, shot this bull moose while hunting on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ty Hutchison of Portland, OR, shot what he thought was a nice buck this October. According to Ty, the head said buck, but the back said doe. Ty confirmed with Fish and Game officials that this was actually an antlered doe, and while not at all common, this does occur from time to time. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Dahlstrom of Pocatello, ID, shot this badger during a lull in the deer hunting action. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Culley killed this musk ox while hunting in single-digit temperatures in Alaska this October. Field & Stream Online Editors
Charlie Orsag of New Braunfels, TX, shot this monster gar during a state bowfishing tournament in Choke Canyon Reservoir. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michelle Hall of Denver, CO, admits this is not the biggest buck antelope out there, but considering it was her first, she and her dad were pretty darn proud of the accomplishment. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joey Hughes took an 18-yard shot to drop this 400-pound bear while hunting in Kenora, Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gary Boutwell of Lakeland, FL, with two bucks he took five minutes apart while hunting in Central Florida. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jed Anderson of Racine, WI, battled this 50-inch musky for 30 minutes before finally subduing it at the boat. Field & Stream Online Editors
Grant Pfeifer of Holdrege, NE, took this trophy buck on October 13, 2008. Field & Stream Online Editors
“Mac” Moad of Muldrow, OK, with the 325-pound trophy from his first bear hunt on public land in Arkansas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Carlson traveled from Oakdale, MN, to Sioux Narrows in Canada to do a little ice fishing. He pulled in this odd lake trout with a stunted tail. Field & Stream Online Editors
Heath Reid, 14, with a great ten-pointer shot on the last day of the season near Sulligent, AL. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Martin of Wallingford, CT, with a nice fall-run bluefish caught in the surf. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Avila of Houston, TX, shot this 8-point buck while it was chasing a doe. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tommy Moseley of Whitakers, NC, holds up an 11-pound largemouth he scored at his grandfather’s pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rachel Slater of Locke, NY, shot this 240-pound sow in New Brunswick, Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sam Grauer poses with his first bow-killed deer. He took it on a hunt near Shiloh, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
Alex Pells, 11, of Spokane, WA, grins with a fat bass from one of his favorite lakes. Field & Stream Online Editors
Travis Downes of Provo, UT, with a trout from the Strawberry Reservoir. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael G. Brown and his hunting buddy pose with two nice birds they killed outside of Sioux Falls, SD. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lew Tabler with his first bow-killed deer taken just his September near Hagerstown, MD. Field & Stream Online Editors
John R. Steffes, Sr., of Hauxton, CO, caught this 11-pound cutthroat hybrid in Idaho. Field & Stream Online Editors
Micah Boscio with a bass he scored on a Cinnamon Senko. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Dahlstrom of Pocatello, ID, with a nice mix of gadwall, widgeon, and mallard from the 2008 waterfowl opening weekend. Field & Stream Online Editors