Biathlon Babes

The Canadian Women's Biathlon team promoting their nude calendar in Calgary.David Buston
From left to right, Megan Tandy, Rosanna Crawford, Zina Kocher, Sandra Keith, and Megan Imrie pose on the streets of Calgary.David Buston
Megan Tandy (left) and Rosanna Crawford drum up support for the Biathlon Calendar.David Buston
Rosanna Crawford displays a promotional ad for the Canadian Womens' Biathlon team nude calender.David Buston
Although an obscure sport here (there are only about 1,000 competitors in the U.S.), it is extremely popular in the snow-infested countries of Europe.David Buston
To let people know, the five women roller-bladed through downtown Calgary at the end of last October, wearing shorts and race bibs with their competition rifles strapped on their backs. (What would Mayor Bloomberg have said if this happened in New York?)David Buston
Rosanna Crawford ready to sprint.Rachel Boekel and Adrian Marcoux
Megan TandyRachel Boekel and Adrian Marcoux
Sandra Keith takes aim.Rachel Boekel and Adrian Marcoux
Zina KocherRachel Boekel and Adrian Marcoux
Megan ImrieRachel Boekel and Adrian Marcoux
The five women are: Zina Kocher of Red Deer, Alberta; Sandra Keith of Calgary, Alberta; Rosanna Crawford of Canmore, Alberta; Megan Imrie of Falcon Lake, Manitoba; and Megan Tandy of Prince George, British Columbia. All are in their 20s. Here they are, and remember, they are in much better shape than you. Calendars are $25 from boldbeautifulbiathlon.comRachel Boekel and Adrian Marcoux
Rachel Boekel and Adrian Marcoux