Field & Stream Online Editors
Sarah Terry of Kentucky used the figure-8 technique to entice this 47-pound muskie. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scotty Battin got this 17-point buck in northern Illinois. Field & Stream Online Editors
Amy Fecteau of Barre, Vermont with her first moose. Field & Stream Online Editors
Vince Capra’s lab Lucky lives up to his name. Field & Stream Online Editors
A hardworking lab admires the fruits of his labor after a day spent hunting pheasants in Sackets Harbor, New York. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Garth Schmidtke hoists a monster pike he caught in October on Peerless Lake in Alberta. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Mayle got this monster with a muzzleloader in Kansas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Wilmot of New Hampshire hoists two Labrador lakers he caught this June. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Dorschel looks at his son Brian’s third steelhead of the day, caught on the Clearwater River in Idaho. Field & Stream Online Editors
Three-year-old Jack Brady caught this 10-pound largemouth on a Mr. Twister in Brussels, Illinois. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jean Miller of Marietta, Ohio shot this monster buck three years after she took up hunting. Field & Stream Online Editors
Max Schumacher struggles to hoist a 50-pound king salmon. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ryan Screnar with a Montana bighorn he shot the day before the season closed. Field & Stream Online Editors
Fifteen-year-old Dave Roggendorf of Iowa battled 50 m.p.h. winds to get his limit of greenheads. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Ballou and his grandson Jack with an antelope they shot near Saratoga, Wyoming. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyra Barrow with his first elk, taken near Butte, Montana on November 8th. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jerry Bowden of Russellville, Arkansas caught this hog on an ultra-light rod using 4-pound-test line. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kelly Jean Maguire and his lab Rush were successful in their first outing together in southern Minnesota. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gregory Andregic of Pennsylvania got this 10-pointer with a muzzleloader in Maryland this October. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nine-year-old Robert Fisher with his first buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kevin Price caught this coyote sniffing around the ducks he had already taken on a hunt in October. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lori Cotton of Lufkin, Texas killed this bobcat with her husband Travis. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Isman of Rustburg, Virginia got this buck with a muzzleloader. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Bock of Denver, Pennsylvania shows off his Caribou. Field & Stream Online Editors
Davis caught this rainbow trout on Jacobs Fork Creek in North Carolina. Field & Stream Online Editors
Daniel Sutton of Marshall, Texas shot this 10-pointer on November 4th after reading “The 2008 Rut Calendar” in our magazine. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew McMinn and his friend Paul show off two nice birds they got on opening day in Ayden, North Carolina. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyler Mincey of Georgia is all smiles after taking his first deer. Field & Stream Online Editors
A moose looks on as two dogs duke it out. Field & Stream Online Editors
Will Whitney shot this 10-point buck that field dressed at 186 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Salvador Cornejo of Texas shot this alligator gar that weighed 220-pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Pete Martin caught this salmon on a fly on the Salmon River in October. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Marlowe of Rushville, New York took this buck down with his bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bucky Shoemaker and his father display their take after opening day of pheasant season this year in Idaho. Field & Stream Online Editors
Alex and Justin, 12 and 13 years-old, show off their squirrels. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rick Schoentrup and his first deer of the season in Curlew, Washington. Field & Stream Online Editors
Phil Lentz of Sioux Falls, South Dakota got this buffalo while hunting the bluffs of Iowa. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Essig of Aledo, Illinois went three years without filling his bow tag before he got this buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew Doorn caught these two king salmon in his first trip to Michigan this October. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew Smith got this buck while hunting with his father on his birthday. Field & Stream Online Editors

Today is the day that our experts predict will be the best of the year for tagging a buck (see our Rut Guide in the November issue). So what are you doing in the office? Go outside and shoot something, then send us a picture of your deer. In the meantime, enjoy this latest crop of photos from our reader shots contest.