Take this, “College Game Day” … we have the 2007 NCAA football season all figured out before it really kicks off. We took Sports Illustrated‘s preseason top 10 (plus Notre Dame, just for grins), assigned each team a fly that either corresponded by theme or colors to the school, and let the trout in the river do the jawing. The more bites, the higher the ranking. Granted, its not much more scientific than “chicken-sh@t bingo,” but then again, it’s probably fairer than the BCS selection process.

The Final Six:

Notre Dame — the Golden Stone (for golden dome). Did better than expected early (a strong tradition), then fell flat on its face. In two words, highly overrated.

Florida — an Orange Scud. Pretty much just petered along all season, and in this case, didn’t pull off the big shocker in the end. Game effort, but no title.

Michigan — a Yellow (maize) Hopper. Looked great throughout most of the season, then the tippet snapped on a 14-inch rainbow. Anyone who has watched the Wolverines in bowl games lately will understand the irony.

USC — the Red (garnet) Copper John. Our preseason favorite thumped trout early and late in the campaign, but hit a lull … analagous, we think, to right around the time the Trojans will be taking on the Cal Bears.

The BCS Championship will feature (according to the trout) the Texas Longhorns — a Burnt-Orange Humpy — and the Bayou Bengals of Louisiana State University — a Purple Prince. Too close to call an eventual winner.

For the record, we didn’t test an Ohio State fly, only because nobody had a “Moose Turd” in their box. Pigskinfliestim