By Anthony Bartkowski

 About two weeks ago the proud Michigan Wolverine alum Kirk Deeter put in a little dandy about what fly represents the various schools as they embark upon another fall season of college football. The Maizeland Blue haze is still looming over Ann Arbor, Mich. as week three is about to get into action. Being the avid sports fan, I tip my hat to Deeter's creativity. 

 This weekend’s highlighted focus is upon two teams who have a much storied tradition – Notre Dame at Michigan (Golden Stone at Yellow-Maize Hopper). This game in recent seasons has usually determined BCS standings and bowl game status. Both squads are a combined 0-4. Someone is bound to be victorious in this classic gridiron battle. When Notre Dame has played at Michigan the all-time series is tied at 6 games each. The all-time record stands in Michigan’s favor 19-14-1. 

 The fly fishing world will pit two classic flies against each other this week many thanks to Chief Fflogger Deeter.

Notre Dame Fighting Irish: 0-2

“The Golden Stone (for golden dome). Did better than expected early (a strong tradition), then fell flat on its face. In two words, highly overrated.” How overrated is it? Saturday will tell.

Michigan Wolverines: 0-2

“A Yellow (maize) Hopper. Looked great throughout most of the season, then the tippet snapped on a 14-inch rainbow. Anyone who has watched the Wolverines in bowl games lately will understand the irony.” You may want to change the tippet snapping to the tippet failing with a 0-for-3-inch trout.

 Who will be 1-2??? Who will still have a goosegg in the victory column??? 

 To the victor goes the spoils. The guides have gotten together in saluting Kirk Deeter if the Maizeland Blue go down in flames this week and will present you with a congratulatory dozen flies – THE COFFIN FLY!!! This will need to be added next to Michigan in your football outlook. 


 The only good thing to come from the early part of the collegiate season is that viewers have not had to listen to the U of M Transcontinental Band. Then again, fans have not had the pleasure of listening to Notre Dame's Band of the Fighting Irish either… If you really must hear these obnoxious melodies, you can visit[](

 I am personally leaning towards the Golden Stone hatching to the top of Michigan Stadium and singing loudly as I send a dozen flies to a friend in need of getting out into a river.