I don’t want to be called an outdoor columnist or writer or editor anymore. I think I should be a “fish pundit.” Same with Timmy.

I flip through the cable news programs every evening (I know, it’s like a nicotine addiction), and what do I get? The same four or five news stories sandwiched among erectile dysfunction commercials. Ah, but what makes it work? Pundits. And Democratic or Republican “strategists.” I think the difference between being a pundit and a strategist is that strategists have talking points and allegiances, while pundits simply talk about what they think is going down. I don’t really have an agenda. I root for both fish and anglers.

Why wouldn’t being a pundit work in the flyfishing sense? A guide is, after all, a tarpon or trout “strategist” … but the real action for Tim and me would be working as pundits. “Bob’s cast really sucks, but I think he might still just hook three or four blue-collar, working-class, rainbow trout today.” There it is. Simple. Honest, though nobody will call you to task or hold you accountable unless you drop the F-Bomb or make a blatantly offensive slur. After all, the next news cycle starts in 12 hours! It’s just like the blog! Only we keep the topics fresh …

I wonder if there’s a higher pay scale for “fish pundits.” I doubt it.