Blog reader Holly Heyser (NorCal Cazadora to us), just forwarded a great piece she wrote for the Sacramento Bee about how and why she started hunting. I thought we’d appreciate (and largely relate to) the thoughtful, moral argument she puts forth with passages such as,

 "_I looked at the natural world around me and not only accepted my role as a member of an omnivorous predator species, but I embraced it by eliminating the middleman. For me, it's simple: If I want to eat meat, I should have the courage to take an animal's life myself_."

 Clearly, however, there are a few Bee readers who disagreed with her position. Be sure to check out the comments below the piece. While many are very supportive, there are the predictable few from quick-to-criticize anti's. Their objections are nothing we haven't heard before, but still, it's frustrating to see people stick to their old perceptions no matter what counter argument is put in front of them. - K.H.