shed project
An easy 5-minute project to knock out this fall. Dan Saelinger

You know those whitetail sheds sitting on your garage shelf? Well, it’s time you put a couple to good use inside your house or hunting camp by turning them into coatracks. It doesn’t take much to complete this project. All you need are a few everyday tools, an empty spot on the wall, and five minutes to spare—tops. Here’s how it’s done.

What You’ll Need: Deer or elk shed, drill, two No. 7 stainless-steel screws (2 to 3 inches long), drill bit to match screws, saw.

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shed coatrack
Step 1. Robert L. Prince

Drill a couple of holes through the antler shed to match the size of your screws. Most antlers will accommodate one hole drilled a few inches above the burr and another hole an inch above that.

shed coatrack
Step 2. Robert L. Prince

Install the screws so just the tips peek through the holes. A wooden beam is an ideal mounting spot. (If hanging on sheetrock, mount the shed on a plaque and secure to the wall with sheetrock anchors.)

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shed coatrack
Step 3. Robert L. Prince

Saw off part of the burr so the antler will fit flush against the wall or plaque. Align the antler where you want it to hang, and screw in tight. Lastly, test its holding strength with your favorite hunting coat.