Noticed this site the other day… Fishing Hurts … more anti-angling hate propaganda from PETA, and quite possibly the biggest crock of …. I’ve read in a while. Tell me truthfully, do any of you have even the slightest guilt twinges about your involvement with fishing? I mean, there are only 40 million of us out here on the lunatic fringe in America, and we only contribute a paltry $1.2 billion to conservation programs every year — you know, silly things like keeping waterways clean, improving habitat, etc.

Have any of you had any encounters with these nut-sos on the river, lake or elsewhere?

I must admit that after reading this stuff, I was moved by one point. I think apples are terribly mistreated. I think the Granny Smith is particularly abused. And I’m going to start a new organization to fix this problem, once and for all: The Apple Safety Society, or A.S.S. for short.