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Aaron Rzepka of Macedon, New York rattled to bring this buck within bow range. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chase Hamm of Prosperity, South Carolina has a tumor on his pituitary gland but that didn’t stop him from fulfilling his dream of hunting elk. Thanks to the Hunt of a Lifetime organization Hamm was able to hunt this bull in northern Arizona. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Vines of Lake Orion, Michigan and his hunting party all limited out on geese on an early autumn hunting trip Field & Stream Online Editors
Susan Parker shows off a redfish she caught in Longboat Key, Florida. Field & Stream Online Editors
Janice Sealer caught this chipmunk looking for treasure in a Field & Stream mug. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brothers Mike and Kevin Flynn traveled from Wisconsin to Alberta, Canada to hunt moose and it paid off. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Chapman and his grandson after successful day on the water. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jared Hase shot this buck on opening day in Pike County, Missouri. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Bertone shot his first bear on a recent trip to Vancouver. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cameron Wohlschlegel of Hemlock, New York grunted to draw this buck within 40 yards and his sister Caitlin did the rest. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andrew Meade of Fredericktown, Ohio shot this buck at 40 yards with his bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dustin Bastien caught this brown trout on the Pere Marquette River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Will Calafaty shot this buck while it was chasing a doe on the morning of November 15th. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Flewelling says this buck was visibly battered from battling: it had only one antler and was covered in scars. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Poore of Yulee, Florida caught this grouper 20 miles off the coast of Amelia Island this November. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dirk Rhodes shot this buck in Fayette County, Pennsylvania on October 30th. Field & Stream Online Editors
Six-year-old Grayhl Raymond paused for a picture before releasing this smallmouth in Glen Arbor, Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ben Walsvik of Verndale, Minnesota shot this buck as it tried to keep a smaller buck away from a doe. Field & Stream Online Editors
Seven-year-old Jason Gutierrez was surf fishing on Padre Island when he caught this Spanish Mackerel. Field & Stream Online Editors
Reggie Torno Jr. of Sioux City, Iowa shot this buck with a bow from 20 yards. Field & Stream Online Editors
Rafael Diaz of Roma, Texas shows off the biggest bass he has ever caught. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Ewen shot this 8-point buck in Ionia, Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Borcherding shot this buck in the Star Tannery National Forest in Virginia. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brad Thomas of Spearsville, Louisiana shows off the biggest buck he has shot in 30 years of hunting. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Ward captured the image of this bent rod trolling on Lake Michigan. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kacey Kempf shows off a 12-point buck she shot in Wisconsin. Field & Stream Online Editors
Zac Gaines of Waurika, Oklahoma shot this buck on the opening morning of rifle season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ian caught this largemouth in southern California. Field & Stream Online Editors
Andy Brassuer of Grand Rapids, Michigan caught this walleye on a 6-inch Rapala. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christian Townson of Rainsville, Alabama shot his first deer on only his third hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kurt Jones of Indiana shows off a buck he says field dressed at 170 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Woosley of Roanoke, Virginia shot this buck with his muzzleloader. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jordan Donahue of Eatonton, Georgia snapped this picture of his father after a hog hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Myles Moos of Lincoln, Illinois shot this buck on the first day of shotgun season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Will Wagner waited out 30 hours of rain in the Wayne National Forest to take this buck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Allan Thomas of Monett, Missouri says this buck came running when he called him in. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kody shot this Wisonsin buck in a patch of cattails. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ryan Bilstein filled two tags within minutes on the second day of rifle season in Nebraska. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kathy Gilbert of Bath, New York shot her first deer after seven years of hunting. Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Hill of Rockwell, North Carolina shows off his 8-point buck. Field & Stream Online Editors