I told you folks that my New Year’s resolution is to get more people flyfishing. Well, Scientific Anglers is partnering with Field & Stream’s Fly Talk, really helping to make that possible. Here’s the deal:

We have five “Ready to Fish” kits from SA and we’re giving them away. When I say kit, I’m talking the whole deal, a 4-piece rod, a reel, fly line and tippet already on that reel, and an instructional DVD. This is a slam dunk option for getting someone young or old started in the sport. Just add water. Actually, there’s a target for casting practice in the “youth” kit I’m looking at now. I think “just add kid” is more appropriate for this one.

We have different types of kits, ranging from a special youth kit, to bass, to a saltwater setup. They sell for around a hundred bucks a piece … it’s like I’m handing out five Ben Franklins here … does this blog rock or what? Thanks Scientific Anglers!

For a shot at a free kit, tell us who you want to start flyfishing by way of your comments below … your son or daughter … your mom or dad … your friend … you can even choose yourself. Tell us where you’re going to go. And you have to promise to make good on your goal by sending us a photo of the first fish you catch.

Because any reason to start fishing is a good reason, we’re going to take all the comments, put them in a hat, and pick the winners that way. If you comment, you’re entered. If you win, we’ll get your kit to you … just ask my buddy “Alex the Fly Rod Winner.”