I know what my next post will be (it’s on me, as Tim heads off to ICAST)… but it’s a time-sensitive deal (and I’m going out early with Charlie Meyers of the Denver Post to catch the callibaetis hatch via float tube tomorrow), so I’ll set it up with this oldie, but goodie. A reprise of Fly Talk’s first “real men of genius” installment, in case you missed it the first time around. Enjoy, and feel free to chime in on this loaded topic. I’ll be back at you in a bit.


Real Men of Genius…

Today we salute you, Mr. IGFA Line Class World Record Chaser …
Because you’ve bought into the notion that the smaller the diameter, the more the fun.
(I live for small tippet!)
So you’ll hook fish by the score, and, after $12,000 in guide fees, a trail of broken leader that could wrap around the Equator, and a stroke of dumb luck, you’ll eventually land the big one.
(Take that Lefty!)
Once the carcass is on ice, you boogie for the dock, and the “certified scale” at Mario’s Meat Market. ‘Cause from now on, your name will be synonymous with the lesser green spotted, white tiger-striped, shortfin sea bass.
(I got the proof!)
So crack open a cold Bud Light, oh Master of the Monofilament …
Brett Favre, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan have nothing on you. You’re the “Record Man!” And in a mere 6-8 months, you’ll have that coveted wall certificate to prove it.