I have a stinky old pair of waders sitting in the corner of my garage. They are at least six years old, have thirty aqua-seal pin-hole repairs and really have no useful life left in them. For some reason though I couldn’t bring myself to get rid of them. Until now.


Enter Recycled Waders. Patrick Jenkins who started the company after tearing a hole in the very first pair of breathables he ever owned called mom, cut and sewed up a fishing pack from the ruins and viola a new company was born.


Patrick has four products you can choose from. The Greenback wallet, Messenger Creel, Nook’ Sack, and Big Fanny. I’m getting a wallet and a messenger bag and will let you know how they turn out.

So, while it’d be cool as hell to have a wallet or bag made from the fart catchers you’ve been waring the past couple of years don’t hesitate to send them an old pair even if you don’t need a new wallet or bag. You’ll be doing your local landfill a huge favor.