Red Gold, by acclaimed movie makers Felt Soul Media is the most important film to date by Ben Knight and Travis Rummel. Previously the team has shot beautiful inspiring films on the Salmon fly hatch on the Gunnison River in Colorado, a black and white movie aptly called The Hatch, and Running Down the Man a nutty quest to catch roosters off the beach in Baja.

This documentary which chronicles the importance of the largest wild Pacific salmon fishery on the planet and the proposed open-pit gold, copper, and molybdenum mine which might be built at the headwaters. This mine, if built would be the largest in north america – producing three billion tons of waste over it’s lifetime. At the core of Pebble Mine complex, covering some 15 square miles, would be an open pit measuring approximately two miles long, a mile and half wide and 1,700 feet deep. Strangely enough this has made for some very rare bedfellows – commercial fisherman as well as sport fisherman fighting for what is surely one of the greatest environmental issues in fishing today.

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