I was on the river the other day when another guy walked over the bank and started fishing the same small run I was fishing, from the other side of the river. I got out of the run, and walked upstream. As if he were racing me, this guy scrambles up-river along the other bank, and jumps in my run again.

Now, I normally don’t mind crowds (you can’t if you fish public water in Colorado). In fact, I kind of see it as a game… “try to catch the fish where the other person missed.” But in this case, I thought the guy was being a jackass, so I (politely) said, “There’s a lot of open water here, why doesn’t one of us go one way or another.” And he said, “It doesn’t matter. I’m on the other side of the river!” Soon thereafter, he told me exactly where I could go.

So you referee. Was that a foul?

I don’t know, folks, but for me fishing a small run at the same time is about like sharing a toothbrush… it shouldn’t happen unless you’re really close… really trusting… and/or really desperate.