Truth is, trout fishing in America, as we know it, just wouldn’t be the same without tailwaters. Minus those hydro dams, you could kiss goodbye those wallhanger trophy photos from the Green … or the Missouri … or the Frying Pan … or the Colorado at Lees Ferry … or the Delaware … or the White River in Arkansas, among many others.

But there’s also no doubt that certain dams are killing native fisheries, and in some cases, they should go. Period. Especially in the Northwest where we’re in the final hours, it seems, of finding some logical solutions for recovering the Columbia-Snake River basin to help steelhead and salmon migrations. Take five minutes, right now (or at least before December 15), and visit to find a link to contact NOAA fisheries, and let them know you demand all options be considered in the federal recovery plan for Columbia-Snake River salmon and steelhead, including lower Snake River dam removal.

It’s time to end the gridlock and lethargy.