Two of the top 10 fishing days I’ve had in my life were spent with Tom Rosenbauer of the Orvis Company: One on the East Branch of the Delaware during a Hendrickson hatch (and thunderstorm), the other in a remote river in Chile. And to tell you the truth, in neither case was it about the fish. We caught some big trout, for sure, but the real treat was watching this guy work the water. I’d read his books, but hearing him explain his strategies firsthand permanently changed the way I fish. Tom is in a league of his own when it comes to finding fish in complex currents, and then making the money cast.

Fortunately, you can hear these lessons in Tom’s own words now, as Orvis has put together a great podcast tutorial featuring his candid insights. Check it out here. Take several minutes to soak in these lessons, and you will up your game, big time. Promise.