The Rut Club: 15 Big Bucks Tagged by F&S Readers

Fifteen F&S readers and their trophy bucks from last year’s Best Days

Each fall we publish the Best Days of the Rut, which offers tips and tactics for must-hunt dates to be in the woods. These 15 readers not only took our advice and tagged out on one of our 2015 Best Days, but they also managed to fill the freezer with true wall-hangers.

Dan Coffman buck
1. DAN COFFMAN ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Oct. 26 State: Ohio Score: 287 5⁄8″ net B&C nontypical If its current score holds up to a routine final review, Coffman’s giant will be the No. 2 nontypical bow kill ever. Dan Coffman
North Dakota buck
2. JALEN WEYKER ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 6 State: Wisconsin Score: 196″ net B&C nontypical Bucks that gross over 200 inches are rare anywhere, but Weyker took this mammoth on public land. Jalen Weyker
north dakota buck wagner
3. RANDY WAGNER➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 6 State: North Dakota Score: 195 1⁄8″ net B&C nontypical When this 16-pointer walked in for a shot, Wagner knew that the rumors of a giant lurking nearby were true. Randy Wagner
4. AUSTIN IVES ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 11 State: Iowa Score: 170 5⁄8″ net B&C typical This buck chased two does onto the 25-acre lot where Ives has hunted since he was a kid. He arrowed him at 30 yards. Austin Ives
Michael Ellis buck
5. MICHAEL ELLIS➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 11 State: Michigan Score: 161 1⁄8″ net B&C The buck Ellis nicknamed Wide Clyde tallied an inside spread measurement of 21 4/8s. Michael Ellis
Kasey Alexander buck
6. KASEY ALEXANDER➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 11 State: Kentucky Score: 187 2/8″ net B&C Alexander’s heavy buck has 6-inch bases and carries at least 5 inches of mass all the way through to the last tine. Kasey Alexander
south dakota buck stormo
7. JASON STORMO ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 11 State: South Dakota Score: 169 3⁄8″ net B&C typical Stormo arrowed this great buck at 18 yards. The spread measurement was an impressive 24 inches. Jason Stormo
8. DAVID FISCHER ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 14 State: Indiana Score: 207 6⁄8″ net B&C nontypical Killed on opening day of shotgun ­season, Fischer’s giant is the biggest ever taken in Orange County, Ind. David Fischer
9. STEVE KAYSER➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 14 State: South Dakota Score: 195″ net B&C nontypical Kayser’s huge 17-pointer tallied an amazing 454⁄8 inches in mass. We’re talking baseball-bat main beams. Steve Kayser
indiana buck collins
10. ANGIE COLLINS ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov.14 State: Indiana Score: 190 2⁄8″ net B&C nontypical Having missed this deer on opening day in 2014, Collins calls this 19-pointer her “redemption buck.” Angie Collins
11. ANDY BLEDSOE ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 14 State: Tennessee Score: 177 2⁄8″ net B&C typical Bledsoe’s 7×6 Booner is the sixth-largest typical whitetail ever taken, with gun or bow, in Tennessee. Andy Bledsoe
matt coffaro's buck
12. MATT COFFARO ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 21 State: Wisconsin Score: 178 3⁄8″ net B&C typical Taken in Wisconsin’s famed Buffalo County, this monster had 15 scorable points and grossed 205 5⁄8 inches. Matt Coffaro
buck bust
13. TOMMY SEARS ➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 21 State: Kentucky Score: 198 5⁄8″ net B&C nontypical Sears’s father grazed this buck with a bullet on Nov. 20. The next morning, Sears dropped him at 35 yards. Tommy Sears
Jody Schmidt buck
14. JODY SCHMIDT➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Nov. 21 Province: Saskatchewan Score: 180 7/8 net B&C With a gross score of 185 even, this almost perfectly symmetrical Canadian monster had only 4 1/8 inches of deductions. Jody Schmidt
Jeff Harrison nontypical buck
15. JEFF HARRISON➞ 2015 F&S Best Day: Dec. 6 State: Minnesota Score: 196″ net B&C nontypical Harrison thought he’d shot “a solid 160” when he pulled the trigger. “He grew a little when I found him,” he says. Jeff Harrison