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The Satpaq. Higher Ground

The best places to hunt and fish typically aren’t just off the beaten path – they’re backwoods, low country, offshore havens of isolation where (hopefully) you won’t see any people for days, but you’ll catch plenty of fish and see lots of game. The problem is when you’re this far in the backcountry, you’re also well out of cell coverage which can make a bad situation much worse if there’s ever a serious injury or illness. You won’t have to worry about that potential worst-case scenario if you’re carrying a SatPaq ($249).

The SatPaq from Higher Ground is a lightweight device that easily clips to your smartphone and connects wirelessly using Bluetooth to communicate through Geostationary (GEO) satellites when there is no cell or WiFi coverage. GEO satellites don’t move relative to your position on earth so they’re always in view and your communications can happen right away. Using SatPaq’s SpaceLinq you can send and receive messages, get instant weather forecasts, share your location, and get help in emergencies – all without having to pay monthly service fees.

How many times have we gone out hunting and fishing and everything has been just fine with no emergency situation occurring? Carrying a satellite device that requires you to pay, even if you never use it, seems like an expensive choice. But then that worst-case scenario does happen, and you’re unable to get help because you’ve decided the monthly payments just aren’t worth the cost. With SatPaq, you purchase message credits called MessagePaqs allowing you to use the service whenever you need. You can have peace of mind that you can reach your loved ones to let them know everything is alright – or you can send an SOS message to emergency search and rescue personnel if you ever have an accident in the backcountry. But if you have another problem-free trip in the woods or on the water, it won’t cost any more than the purchase price for your SatPaq and the message credits that will holdover until your next trip afield.

SatPaq was honored with a CES 2019 Innovation Award, so you know that this product is one of the most outstanding consumer technology products of the year. SatPaq provides you and your family peace of mind while you are off the grid. What more could you ask for?