While political analysts chew over the up’s, down’s and inbetween’s of last night’s Biden/Palin debate, I’ll merely say that I thought moderator Gwen Ifill’s push-over performance was a disservice to the American voter, and move off of politics for the moment. After all, while the vice presidential candidates were engaged in debate prep in past weeks, many of us have been involved in season prep.
Or have we? How much do you do to get ready for fall every year?
Is there a back-to-school-style shopping trip for anything from outerwear to granola bar valu paks?
And how about target shooting? Do you go to the range or maybe set up something on your property?
And scouting. I know some of us take it very seriously, but do others have trouble finding the time?
And exercise. If you have a strenuous hunt coming up (all you elk hunters), do you take time to get in shape for the season as suggested by the occasional F&S article on the topic?
In short, how much of a nerd are you about getting ready for your season? Are you a check-list-toting hyper planner, or do you just cover the basics and take it from there?
Also, a quick Gear Giveaway update: The first winner will be announced Friday, October 10. And I have to say, some of these prizes are awesome. I was just in touch with our blog sponsor, Filson, for example, and I’m thrilled about the level of gear they’re providing. You guys are in for some very nice treats this fall! -K.H.