It is a DUSKY shark! And a rather large one at that.

A really weird fight. First, it screamed line off the reel, and kept going, and going… We thought we’d have to back the boat down on it. Anthony had the rod, and all the sudden it went quiet. Slack. We thought the shark broke off. But then the line wobbled again, and we realized the shark had spun a 180 and was charging the boat. After some serious cranking, Anthony had the leverage again, but on two separate occasions, the shark changed direction and pulled so hard that we thought the editor-in-chief was going swimming, or at least the rod was. But he persevered and after an hour battle, we were able to snap those photos and set the shark free again. Thanks again to Joe Cermele for time aboard TUNACIOUS. (Also if you look close at that photo do you notice anything weird about the tackle/line? Joe’s got it going in ways most people can barely imagine.)

I’ll say Kim and Matt tie, and both win books. E-mail for the goodies. Also, I’m shipping the last book and line to past winners tomorrow (been on the road, obviously).

Alex. Alex, Alex, Alex. Rule number one is you cannot go catching those big rainbows in Tennessee on your Fly Talk gear without sending us a picture so we can put it up here. Can you hook a brother up?

I got into a (polite) argument with my friend the other day about what counts as a “catch.” Leader inside the rod tip? Touch the leader? Or nothing short of fish in hand? Thoughts?