Shed I wonder how many of us are diehard shed hunters, maybe already starting to devote some weekend time to the search for dropped horns. Certainly not a bad way to spend a February afternoon!
I’ve posted the above photo before, but it’s my favorite shed, so I’m posting it again. I found it on a Women on Target antelope excursion in Wyoming and it’s signed by all the hunters in the group. I wasn’t thinking about sheds at all when I glimpsed it out of the corner of my eye, but it was a fun accidental find!
So, how much of a horn hunter do you tend to be? Are you a shed strategist, heading out on dedicated missions (maybe enlisting the help of a kid or two who are conveniently closer to the ground) to spot a prize and start developing a plan for next season? Or are you a casual browser, just kind of keeping an eye out during a walk or jog through the woods? Either way, happy hunting! -K.H.