Unlike Tim, I didn’t even bother messing with road trips and rivers this Memorial Day weekend. Instead, I took the equivalent cost of a tank and a half of gas, and set my seven-year-old son, Paul, up with his first bow. Spent the weekend plinking around with him. This has been a great spring for the little guy, as he’s officially flyfishing on his own, and now shooting the bow. He has the swing set … sandbox … and a bag target. What more could a kid want?

I noticed a lot less traffic by way of RVs on the highways this holiday weekend, at least here in Colorado. Forgive me for saying so, but it is, in my opinion, almost worth paying $4 a gallon not to have those things clogging the roads all summer. Almost. That’s a “point-of-view” perspective that depends on where you live.

What was your take on the Memorial Day scene? Were the rivers and lakes less crowded and the roads less busy where you live? Did you road trip or stay home? Does the price of gas have you making alternate plans for the summer?