I must admit I felt a little stupid getting out of one of my local creeks about an hour ago. I decided to try to wet wade November 4th here in Colorado. The day was warm enough – about 70 degrees, but the water was not nearly as temperature friendly. My feet hurt…badly. I had to call it quits early.

The picture above is from a week ago in Rocky Mountain National park, and yes that’s ice. We caught some nice fish on the periphery of this high altitude lake, but for all realistic purposes the season is done there. All of this got me thinking on my ride home about seasons. Colorado does not have one – at all. You can fish legally all year round. It’s great if you have the craving in the middle of the winter, but what does this do to certain populations of fish that just get hammered?

Personally I think having a season would vastly improve some of our most popular and heavily fished rivers. Give those fish a break!

What do you think? Does your state have seasons for certain types of fish and fishing? Is it good for your fisheries? Business? Sanity?