Well, he’s going to, according to this story from The Clarion-Ledger:

_Gov. Haley Barbour wasted no time with the issue of deer baiting, saying Tuesday he will veto a bill that cleared its last legislative hurdle less than 24 hours earlier.

Press secretary Pete Smith confirmed Barbour’s intention.
“We haven’t gotten the bill yet, but as soon as the Governor gets it, he will veto it,” Smith said, offering no other comments from the governor. . . .

[Last spring] the governor described the issue as “one of ethics and science,” and that he did not consider baiting deer with food as ethical.

Hunters shopping Tuesday at Bass Pro Shops in Pearl were not surprised.

“I guess he meant what he said last year,” said Tommy Reaves of Jackson, an avid deer hunter who opposes baiting. “He stuck to his guns.”_

What do you think? Should Mississippi allow baiting?