This time of year starts to really be a bummer for anyone who fly fishes and and lives in the northern hemisphere. Yes, I know you folks in the south can fish all year and you folks in the north can ice fish. Let’s face it though fishing slows down – even in the south. Oh, and drilling holes in frozen lakes to catch fish – don’t even get me started… Ice fishing flat out sucks if you ask me. It’s just a step above watching paint dry.

Every year around this time I start to make the transition from fishing to skiing. While I fish all winter it’s just not quite as easy to get out and have fun.

We hit upon an idea the other day though. What if we could utilize snowmobiles and/or backcountry (AT) skis and get to a location that didn’t freeze in the winter to fish. By fish, I mean cast a line. We could take a couple of days and camp. Fishing and skiing the entire time. Does this location exist on planet earth? I’m thinking it’s gotta be a tailwater deep in the wilderness or some stretch of river kept ice free by springs for spell. Does anybody know of any place like this or ever heard of anything that stays fishable that you could ski to?