A Sobering Tale

Our own Lou Alexander just sent me a story about what she called, "the ugly side of hunting." I've never had an incident exactly like the one she describes below, but her very sensitive reaction to it made me proud to number among such conscientious sportsmen. I mentioned to Lou I thought humbling experiences such as these remind us how great a responsibility hunting is. Here's Lou. -K.H.

I have wounded one animal with a rifle and had to shoot him again -- that was awful too. I feel awful when that happens. I was so bothered about the doe that I slept in the next morning using the high wind as a good excuse. When your prey looks you in the eye, it makes it so much more personal. I always feel bad after I take a deer or turkey, but this cut a little deeper. I was back on the stand the next evening with the memory of the doe held close and prayers for my arrows to fly straight and true. -L.A.