10 Reasons Why Golf is Flyfishing, on Land …

1. The drive is important, but it matters little … just like the cast.

2. The short game (the presentation, the drift, etc.) separates the players from the contenders.

3. Your “club champion” is likely named Skip, Chaz, Bud, Chet, Will, or Thad.

4. Tiger Woods can beat Stewart Cink, 8 & 7 in match play at Tucson, or by a far greater margin on the Henry’s Fork.

5. Who needs L’Oreal? The only thing women look more attractive in than golf attire is a pair of Gore-Tex Waders.

6. You’re keeping score. Don’t lie, dude … you’re always keeping score.

7. Jack Nicklaus, Davis Love III, Mark O’Meara, Tiger Woods … can all out-cast you, on demand. ‘Nuff said.

8. You hook a fish, you gag, the fish gets away … you air-mail a 30-foot, big-bender putt, and it lips the cup in a $2 Nassau … same facial expression.

9. You’re lining up a 20-footer worth $150,000 … whoops, my bad … nothing in flyfishing is worth $150,000.

10. At the end of the day, that one shot, that one putt (or that one tight cast against the bank that fools the big brown trout) is enough to keep you hooked to a pursuit that will cost you thousands of dollars a year, with no hope of any realistic “return” on your investment. But you’re still hopelessly addicted. And happy about it.

Someone please explain to me why I can rarely crack “90” (without cheating) on the links. It is the same sport, after all … isn’t it?