Reader Wanda Hyleman had sent me a nice email that she hoped I could share with “the girls.” If you remember, Wanda lost her 29-year-old son Jerami in November. She wanted to let everyone know that she’d taken two does at the end of December (a 140-pounder and a 120-pounder). And she had this to say about them:

I have been hunting as much as I can, it sure has brought me some peace. Ya know, before Jerami passed away, I never wanted to stay in the woods past dark, now I hate to leave. The afternoon I shot the first doe, I looked up to the sky and said wish me luck. I guess he did.

 I was very glad to get such a nice field update - also glad to see Wanda's comments back on the blog lately. ALSO glad to hear she spotted 25 hens and jakes and 2 huge gobblers in the pasture where she turkey hunts - I know she's not the only one counting the days! -K.H.