In response to our earlier dog discussion, reader Lou Alexander sent some photos and a story about her beautiful dog Stella. Good thing she’s beautiful, or she may not have gotten away so clean with her little mishap below. -K.H.

Just to set the record straight, I LOVE dogs. But we call Stella our naughty dog because she just seems to get into trouble. Don’t get me wrong, she is smart and loves to be with her people, but sometimes she just can’t help herself.
The worst thing that she has done was this past summer. We were headed down to the ranch early on a Saturday morning. We got the girls out of bed with the promise of stopping at McDonald’s for breakfast, so we loaded up both dogs (we also have Minnie, a yellow lab), both girls, and a friend in the back seat of the truck. We stopped at the restaurant and left the dogs in the back seat while we went to get our order to go. The dogs were alone about 5 minutes, and we’ve left them like this before for a short time.
When I opened the back door for one of the girls, I saw a camera on the floor. “Who’s camera is this? It looks like it was chewed on,” I said. Stella was looking a bit sheepish since it was at her feet. “Hey!! This is MY camera!” (Which had been left on the front seat). My NEW (about a month) $350 Canon Digital Elph. “@#%@#$%&*@#,” I muttered under my breath, since we had a guest — thank God, otherwise who knows how bad I’d have flown off the handle. Yep, Stella chewed my new camera.Dog2_3
It still works if anyone is interested in it. It’s stuck on the last setting I had it on, though, and has a few teeth marks. Now I’d have understood if she was a chewer, but she isn’t and has even left de-squeaking her toys behind her, so this one came out of the blue.
Stella is a super dog, and a great companion. She loves to go to the ranch where she plays in the pond, chases frogs, fish, etc., and enjoys walks in the woods. When the Gator fires up, she thinks she needs to be shotgun, whether there’s a passenger there or not. My kids groan when I try to solicit company, but Stella is always eager to go. So she is a great buddy, but sometimes … UGH! she acts like a dog.