Congratulations to Fly Talk’s “Morons of the Month” … Lousiana’s Hell Divers Spearfishing Club! Seems these neanderthals in neoprene have set a new low standard for senseless testosterone-induced violation of a resource by gunning down tarpon for “sport.” Bonefish and Tarpon Unlimited sent a press release on the topic yesterday. The Hell Divers’ website is full of glory shots with dead tarpon…

Tarpon Massacre

Now … I really like diving. I’ve even done some spearfishing. I had a chance to dive with tarpon in January, and, truthfully, the thought of shooting one never crossed my mind. Maybe it’s because the “silver king” is one of the most majestic fish in the sea, often living to over 80 years old. Maybe it’s because I realize how far these fish range, and what a treasure they are for sport fishers.

The fact that this is happening in one of the most economically and environmentally sensitive sport fishing regions in the country — help the sport fishing industry’s post-Katrina recovery … let’s kill the tarpon! — disgusts me. This is beyond stupid. It’s selfish.

The Outdoor Channel shows “Speargun Hunter” on Saturday nights featuring, you guessed it, the Hell Divers. You might consider E-mailing an opinion, or suggesting that the Hell Divers quit spearing silver kings to: Outdoor Channel