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Real off-roaders know the best spots for outdoor adventures are way, way beyond the beaten path. Once you venture past the asphalt and gravel, you are in nature’s territory, where anything can happen: your survival skills and instincts are only as good as the equipment you’ve brought. If you’re traversing a muddy trail, crawling up a lion’s back, or forging a body of water, the ability to pull yourself out of a sticky situation can be a matter of life and death. At the very least, knowing how to tow yourself out of a pit adds a level of confidence that can only enhance your adventures. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a fortune on off-road gear. You just have to make sure it’s built right. Harbor Freight has been outfitting the off-road market for years now, and its BADLAND line of off-road equipment is more durable and highly rated than ever.

Read on to find out the gear that you need to…

Winch yourself out

In the wild, a winch might be the best friend you can have. A good winch is tougher than your vehicle, can pull more weight than you’ll ever need, is easy to use and is low maintenance. It also helps if it looks cool.

In all these cases, the BADLAND APEX Winch makes its intentions clear: its big, brash, bold design is fully dustproof and IP68 and IP69K waterproof in every scenario, whether you’re stuck in a storm or fording a river. Its 80 feet of Ultra High Molecular Weight synthetic rope and 12,000-lb weight rating can extricate you out of damn near anywhere. And its wireless remote with a 50-foot range makes it safe to use without being down in the muck with your car. Consider a tough-as-nails winch like this a confidence booster: if you know you can get yourself out, you’re willing to explore more, and go further. That alone makes it the most valuable part of your off-road team.

Buy Now: BADLAND APEX 12,000 Lb. Winch With Synthetic Rope And Wireless Remote

Tow your buddy

A sturdy tow strap has the power to turn you into a one-man rescue operation.  If someone in your party has a breakdown, a properly-rated tow strap is essential for freeing a stuck vehicle. The BADLAND Recovery Snatch Strap is 30 feet long and 3 inches wide, with a 10,000 lb working load and 30,000 lb breaking strength. Strong, lightweight, and resistant to ultraviolet rays that might break down lesser-made nylon fibers, this is a heavy-duty piece of equipment: bright red for maximum visibility, and with abrasion guards to protect your tow hooks. Having the ability to rescue people is a lot of power, so wield it wisely.

Buy Now: BADLAND 10,000 Lb. Capacity 3 In. X 30 Ft. Recovery Snatch Strap

Haul something big

Maybe you have to tie your boat down on a trailer, or bring home some gear from your cabin that can only fit on the roof. Ratchet straps might be one of the most underappreciated inventions ever: They’ve effectively eliminated the need to relearn all of your Boy Scout knots.

A full set of HAUL-MASTER Ratcheting Tie Downs are a necessity. There are four in this set, perfect for securing your cargo, and each is equipped with vinyl-covered hooks to prevent scratching up surfaces. They’re well-priced too, so you can have extra sets lying around.

Buy Now: HAUL-MASTER 400 Lb. Capacity 1 In. X 15 Ft. Ratcheting Tie Downs

Haul the rest of your gear

Whether you’re hunting, fishing, or mountain biking, your outdoor adventure likely requires a lot of bulky gear. Having extra places to stash your things is always a plus. There’s room for your stuff up top, as well as in the back. HAUL-MASTER makes two sturdy steel options for carrying oversized stuff: a roof-mounted carrier, and a carrier that goes on your trailer hitch that can haul up to 500 pounds. 

Both carriers have plenty of room for all of your gear, so you can keep the valuables inside and use the space on your roof for the rugged and dirty things.

Buy Now: HAUL-MASTER 150 Lb. Capacity Roof-Mounted Steel Cargo Carrier

Buy Now: HAUL-MASTER 500 Lb. Steel Cargo Carrier

Fix something on the go

You never know what can go wrong out there, but you can always bring a set of hand tools so you’re prepared for simple fixes. 

This PITTSBURGH 130-Piece Tool Kit, has all your beloved favorites: socket wrenches with SAE and Metric sockets, a vice grip, multiple sets of pliers, a claw hammer, hex keys, and more. There’s even some gear that goes the extra mile, like measuring tape and a box of the most common automotive fasteners. Is 130 pieces too much? Not if you’re planning an expedition. And it’s so compact that you’ll hardly know it’s there until you need it. Consider it an entire tool chest in one convenient carrying case.

Buy Now: PITTSBURGH Tool Kit With Case, 130 Pc.

Fill up without a pump

It happens to all of us: Sometimes you go a little further than you thought. You’re caught up in exploring, or you simply get lost. A MIDWEST 5 Gallon Jerry Gas Can is not only a necessity, but compared to the bulky square plastic jugs, it’s slim enough to fit in the back of your vehicle. It’s a decidedly retro design—one that evokes the nostalgia of off-road adventures before you. Don’t let the capacity fool you: you can go pretty far on just a couple of gallons, which can be a real lifesaver.

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With these select tools and supplies, all affordably priced from Harbor Freight, you’ll be prepared for anything your favorite outdoor adventure throws at you—fun or otherwise.