This is my wonderful bride to be Ellie Childs, last weekend. Putting the stank on a fish that we figured to be just over five pounds. 21 inches long and 14 around to be precise. She was finding fish on the front of guide Mark Clark’s boat before he was and walking leech patterns right into their mouths. Not to diminish Marks skills, but she was on fire all morning. In fact, Mark kept looking back at me the entire time like I was the luckiest guy in the world. It was an incredible morning and I AM one lucky guy… No, Ellie doesn’t like to go out for 12 hour stints in our boat at home, but she does enjoy fishing and can get pretty fired up about it. Enough to not let me even think about getting in the front of that drift boat all morning. Believe me I tried…

So, I’m not worried – but thanks for the helpful insight everyone.

I might add that if you’re ever in the Durango, Farmington, or Navajo Dam area of New Mexico and/or Colorado look up guide Mark Clark at Resolution Guide Service at the Rainbow lodge. He was a great guy and very enthusiastic guide.