A simple proposition… Please explain to the F&S; nation by way of comment below why flyfishing is the highest angling art-form, and what flyfishing means to you. You get one, concise, paragraph.

The reward to the winner of this contest is this: An overnight, two-day float down the Black Canyon (Chukar to Pleasure Park) on the Gunnison River in Colorado, with myself (maybe Tim also, if you’re really convincing)… and if you smile and have fun, I’ll even post a positive report (with photos) on this blog. You’ll catch a lot of fish… all you have to do is get to Montrose, Colorado, and coordinate a 2009 date with me. Beer, stories, tricks and glory are all included. The sponsors of this contest are Fly Talk, Tim Romano, Kirk Deeter, and the Gunnison River.

Good luck.