Start keeping track of the little things with this fit band

Tracking the little things matters more than you may think. Thanks to this innovative band, you’ll be able to track yours with a glance to your wrist.

As much as people hate to admit it, part of living a healthy life means being organized. If you’re able to keep track of your fitness goals, sleep cycle, and other lifestyle patterns, it may go a long way. The Do Smarter Genius Fit Band is great for keeping track of things like this and more.

The Genius Fit tracker is great for tracking a variety of activities and has several different functionalities that all provide some useful insight into your daily routines. For example, there’s a photoelectric sensor that monitors your heart rate, so if you’re working out, you can stay within your target range. It’s also got a running mode that helps keep track of your steps and calories. You’ll also be able to monitor your sleep quality, which is useful if you find yourself waking up tired more days than not. The watch also allows you to set reminders as well as view notifications and alerts, so you can keep tabs of everything that’s going on while you’re busy.

The Do Smarter Genius Fit Band is great for those looking to improve their lifestyle and organization at an affordable price. It’s on sale for 54% off right now, so you can get one for $55 and start keeping an eye on the little things that matter.