I checked a marine weather forecast this morning and found the water temperature in the lake I most often fish has dropped to 52 degrees. This is typical of the late-season, when I sometimes troll
for salmon and lake trout.

With air temperatures also in the 40s and 50s, there’s a good chance that I’d succumb to hypothermia before I could get back in the boat if I were to fall in the water.

This thought has scared me enough over the years that I now wear a Mustang survival jacket when
boating and fishing early and late in the year. It’s kind of a full-dress PFD that will also keep my core body temperature from falling too fast if I take a dunking. My hope is I’d then have time enough to
either get back in the boat or make it to shore.

If kayaking, which I also sometimes do in the fall, I wear a neoprene wetsuit for the same reason.

The fishing is just great at this time of year, so not going fishing just isn’t an option. I do give a lot of thought, though, to staying alive.