I missed blogging this past week! But you’ve certainly been busy volleying over Gov. Palin — talk about divisive!
I’m also glad to hear about all the great hunts that are starting up — I really can’t wait to hear updates and see pictures. Unfortunately, my trip wasn’t hunting-related, so I’m really looking forward to hearing about yours.
I see that while I was gone Olympian Kim Rhode had her custom 12-gauge Perazzi stolen from her pick up Thursday. Talk about the wrong thing to take from the wrong person. According to this Los Angeles Times story story, Rhode was in Lake Elsinore, Ca., shopping for her upcoming wedding at an outlet center, when she came out to discover the window of her truck smashed and her gun — locked in its case — missing. It was the only thing taken. A surveillance video showed two men in a Ford Expedition driving slowly past her truck minutes before the theft occurred.
Rhode is apparently offering a $5,000 reward for the gun’s return. “There’s just no words to describe what that gun means to me,” Rhode told reporters shortly after the incident. No kidding! I can’t imagine what a theft of that magnitude must feel like.
On a happier gear-related note, I’ll be posting more on the Giveaway in the early part of the week — I’m still finalizing how it’s all working this year, but I’m very excited about starting it up! -K.H.