Savage enters the semi-auto market with the 3-inch, 12-gauge Renegauge shotgun that promises soft recoil and a customizable fit. The Renegauge’s DRIV (Dual Regulating Inline Valve) gas system consists of a pair of regulating valves that vent excess gases, allowing the gun to cycle a wide range of loads from light, subsonic ammunition to the heaviest magnums with very little recoil. The Renegauge’s most exciting feature is a stock that adjusts very easily for length, drop, and cast to fit a wide range of shooters. Interchangeable combs let you alter drop, and they are made of a soft, recoil-reducing foam to further ease recoil. A fluted barrel reduces the Renegauge’s overall weight to under 8 pounds, and an enlarged bolt handle and bolt closer will make the gun easier to use with cold and/or gloved hands on those cold mornings in the blind. All in all, it’s an impressive debut—Savage seems to have thought of everything. $1449.