4 Ways to Enjoy a Backyard Fire

A fire pit can become the perfect gathering place at your next fish fry or lowcountry boil.

Ah, flickering flames, radiant heat, comforting light. The advent of fire pits allows people to enjoy the unequaled ambiance of an open fire in their back yards, on their patios and decks, and just about anywhere else. There are numerous types and styles on the market, with each type offering specific advantages. Here’s a guide to the types of fire pits available today and the specific advantages of each.

Wood-Burning Fire Pit

The Sun Joe fire pit has a cast stone base and will burn firewood pieces more than 20 inches long. Sun Joe

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Wood-burning fire pits offer the crackling sound of flames and the unique scent of burning hardwood. There’s no hiss of propane and you also can roast marshmallows and hot dogs over the flames.

However, there are two basic fire pit choices designed to burn wood. The stone bowl fire pit projects an image of permanency. It can become a focal point on a patio, with seating arranged around it. One practical advantage of a stone pit is the sides won’t get dangerously hot, making it more appropriate for use when small children and pets are nearby.

Elevated Metal Fire Pit

The Bromley fire pit by Landmann USA has a seven-inch-deep, 24-inch-wide fire bowl. Landmann USA

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The metal elevated fire pit has the tremendous advantage of being a portable fire pit with legs. You can move it easily, and even store it when you’re not using it. That’s a consideration if you’ll only use the fire pit during the cooler months and want the space for other things during the warm months. You can move it from place to place and set it out on grassy areas without damage. Additionally, some wood-burning fire pits have integrated cooking grates, so you can grill burgers and steaks over the open flame.

Propane Fire Pit

The Tacklife portable propane fire pit is 18.7 inches wide and comes with a lid. Tacklife

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Propane-burning fire pits are convenient for several reasons. First, you don’t need to continually add fuel to keep it going. There’s no cleanup involved the next day. You don’t need to store firewood. You can adjust the size of the flame by turning a knob, and there’s no smoke, or sparks. That makes a propane pit the only choice for use on a wooden deck. It’s also an advantage if you want to go camping but there’s a burn ban in effect. Take the propane fire pit with you and you’ll have the ambiance of a fire legally, without any risk. Most units also have a lid, so you can close it up and store it indoors when not in use, or you can pack it along with your camping gear. It’s basically a fire to go.

Table Propane Fire Pit

Endless Summer’s 30-inch fire pit table has an integrated ledge—perfect for setting down drinks while standing around the fire. Endless Summer

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Table-style propane fire pits have wide edges, and one great advantage: they provide a place for you to set down drinks. That makes a table pit perfect for congregating around with friends or family on a beautiful night outside.