Camouflage Pants That Help Turkey Hunters Hide

Hit the woods in confidence with the best camo pants

Close up of a turkey head
Turkeys have excellent vision, and you need good camouflage pants if you want to avoid being spotted. Unsplash

Wild turkeys can see the slightest movement. You have to sit still to close the deal on a gobbler. Camo pants help you stay hidden while their pockets let you keep all the little pieces of gear essential to turkey hunting close at hand. Your pants should be comfortable, for long waits and longer walks, and they need to hold up day after day as you chase turkeys through the spring. Here’s what to look for:

Stretch and Storage

Bottomland camo blends into bark perfectly, while cargo pockets hold your gear, and an elastic waist adds give. Mossy Oak

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Be sure your pants legs are long enough to cover your lower legs when you sit tucked against a tree, and wear drab colored socks in case they don’t.

Overall Practicality

Stretch fabric and elastic in the shoulder straps and waist, plus articulated knees, spell complete comfort in the woods. A variety of patterns lets you blend in anywhere. Mossy Oak

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Mixing camo patterns can help you hide. Some hunters like to wear pants that blend with bark or the ground, and a top that includes leaves and branches. Always remember, though, the most important camo of all is sitting still.

Made for Tough Use

Tons of storage space let you keep all your hunting essentials close at hand, while removable knee pads make long crawls more comfortable. Drake Waterfowl

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Sometimes you might take your vest off during a long sit against a tree or in a blind. If you do, be sure to keep a few extra shells in your pants pocket in case you have to go after a hit bird.