Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Camp Table

A lightweight, portable table can be one of the handiest items to have at camp.

Portable tables are better and less expensive than ever. Many are lightweight, durable, and strong enough to hold a heavy load without breaking. And they make all manners of camp chores easier, from filling a lantern to cleaning firearms after a hunt in inclement weather. When shopping for a portable table for hunting camp, consider size, construction material and portability.

Secure Lock

This one yields 15 square feet of work or storage space. Cosco Products


Get too small a table and it won’t work for many chores. Too large, and you’ll have a hard time finding a good place to put it, and transporting it can be a pain. In general, a table about 4 to 6 feet long will work well for most purposes. Widths between 2 and 3 feet give you plenty of space to keep things up off the ground, and a table with adjustable legs is versatile enough for many camp chores.

Large Capacity

This plastic-topped option has powder-coated steel legs and a capacity of 300 pounds. Best Choice Products


While plastic has historically gotten a bad rap, plastic or PVC make great surfaces for camp tables. They’re strong, tough and clean up well with little effort. Plastic-top tables are also lighter than wood and metal tables. Consider the leg material when shopping, as strong legs are necessary to hold heavy loads. Steel legs are strong and common on such tables, but add some extra weight.


This 48-inch by 24-inch molded polyethylene plastic table weighs less than 20 pounds, making it easy for one person to load and unload. Lifetime


If you can’t fold your table down to a compact size, you can’t get it into the back of your pick-up or SUV for hauling to camp. Be careful, however, as tables that fold in more than one location have more potential spots for weakness. Look for tables with strong hinges and that lock in place so they don’t unfold when you are trying to carry them. Tables with handles for easy carrying are even handier. The best tables will be light, strong, tough, easy to clean, and fold down small for transporting and storage.