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Anyone who’s ever owned a pickup truck knows that there’s no such thing as too much space, nor too much storage. An open truck bed invites theft, so locking away valuable tools and other items is a must. And driving around with heavy items in the back of the truck is both damaging and dangerous. There are tons of choices when it comes to pickup truck boxes, from materials to locking mechanisms to size. When you’re ready to pick up the pieces rolling around in your pickup truck, here are three things to consider with choosing a truck box.


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Truck boxes should be tough enough to be abused. You’ll wind up stashing beastly tools such as chainsaws and hydraulics inside, and most likely you’ll stand on the box often. They’re out in the weather, so they have to handle lashing rain, mud, and even salt-treated roads. Heavy .100 thick aluminum boxes are a standard, but 14- and 12-gauge powder coated steel works great, too.

.100 Inch Thick

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There’s no question you’ll want heavy-duty latches and locks to keep your tools and items safe from theft. But one question to ask is how many latches work best for you. A single latch in the middle of the box is handy when you have a tool in one hand and need to open the box with the other. But some feel that a double lock system is more secure.

Compatible with Most Vehicles

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There are more storage options beside the standard across-the-truck bed storage box. Those irregular-sized spaces behind the wheel wells are often underutilized for keeping track of smaller items such as frequently used tools, fishing tackle trays, even ammunition and hunting supplies.