Everybody loves camping, but nobody likes feeling grungy. If taking a bath in an ice-cold lake isn’t on your to-do list, there are a number of excellent shower options that can deliver an amazing outdoor shower experience. Whether you just want to hose off after a day at the beach or need a nice hot shower after a long trek into a remote camp, here are three options that will leave you feeling (and smelling) fresh and relaxed.

Battery Operated

Drop this rechargeable pump into a bucket of water and it will run up to one hour of continuous use when fully charged and it plugs into a laptop, car adapter, or USB outlet to recharge. Ivation

These days there’s hardly any appliance that can’t be found in a cordless version and portable showers are no exception. Rechargeable models can run off practically any charging source—laptops or a car adapter are easy power sources if you’re car camping, but backpackers will have to think about bringing a battery charger along. They’re basically just a hose with a rechargeable pump. All you need is a warm water source, like a bucket, to drop the pump into and you’re ready to go.

Propane Fired

This tankless water heater runs on propane and delivers a hot shower on demand—perfect for camping or remote cabin use. GASLAND

Lots of choices here from tiny little units that provide instant, on-demand hot water to much larger base-camp units. All require a propane source, which rules them out as backpackable shower devices, but if you have room in your rig for a propane tank or want to install one of these in a remote cabin you 4-wheel into, propane-fired showers are a great option.

Solar Heated

This lightweight five-gallon solar shower will heat water to 115 degrees in three hours when left in direct sunlight—the ideal companion for backpacking trips. FeChiX

There’s something fun about the basics and backcountry hikers and kayakers have been thinking of creative ways to get a hot shower ever since someone invented black plastic garbage bags to heat water in. Today, you can forget the trash bags as there are a variety of bladder-type solar shower units on the market. Fill them up, leave them in direct sun for a few hours and bask under the sprinkle of a hot shower. There are no propane tanks to worry about or batteries to recharge and sunbathing while you wait for your shower water to warm up may be just what you need to chill out before your hot shower.