Electric augers function similarly to lithium-battery powered lawn care equipment such as lawn mowers, and offer similar advantages. Unlike with gas-powered augers, you don’t have to fuss with mixing fuel or priming the auger. They’re simple to use and dependable. Electric energy doesn’t provide as much torque as gas or propane, but with the right construction, an electric auger will provide plenty of torque to drill scores of holes through thick ice on a single charge.

One big bonus of an electric ice auger is that you can use it safely inside an enclosed space. This means you can drill and redrill holes inside of ice shelters without having to worry about fumes or carbon monoxide.


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Bring backup. Electric ice augers will begin to slow down and drill inefficiently when the battery loses its charge. Most electric ice augers advertise long battery life, but bringing a fully charged spare battery will give you peace of mind.

Consider the species you’re going to target. You don’t want to lose a nice fish because the hole you drilled was too small. For trout and panfish, 6-inch holes work well. An 8-inch hole can handle larger trout and bass. A 10-inch hole will allow you to pull big lakers, pike, and musky through the ice.