Three Things to Consider Before Buying an Electric Snow Blower

If you’re tired of breaking your back with a snow shovel and aren’t keen on the noise and fumes of a motorized snowblower, an electric version might be for you.

Electric snowblowers
Electric snowblowers can clean areas without all the noise and fumes that come with a gas-powered blower.Greenworks

Maybe it was your aching back that finally sealed the deal, or maybe it was your pride finally caving in, but snow shoveling no longer carries the same appeal it once did. You no longer consider snow shoveling part of your executive fitness plan. You’ve decided against getting an expensive, large, noisy, gas-guzzling snow blower, but one of those sweet powered shovels looks great for the amount of snow you usually get. Make your choice based on the shovel’s weight, ergonomics, and power factors.


Cordless snow shovels
Cordless snow shovels are generally lighter than gas-powered units.Greenworks

The key thing about powered snow shovels is that you won’t need to lift the snow anymore. But, no matter the model of electric snow shovel you choose, it will still likely be heavier than your old clunker snow shovel. The better ones will use heavier parts that will last longer, so pay attention to how much it weighs, since you’ll still be carrying and swinging it about.


cordless snow blower
This cordless model features an ergonomically designed handle and the re-chargeable batteries last just under an hour.Snow Joe

The motions typical to the use of an electric snow shovel are not all that normal in everyday exercise. The better-designed your electric snow shovel is for ease-of-use, the happier your back will be. The handle design in particular should be curved, adjustable, balanced, and comfortable to use.


electric snowblower
With its 12-inch scooping width, this corded model advertises throwing 300 pounds of snow a minute, up to 20 feet away.Earthwise

How much snow can your shovel throw in a minute, and how far? How long will the charge last? Cordless might be convenient but only if the charge lets you get the job done.