A Heated Travel Mug Keeps You On the Go

How you can have a hot mug of happy for hours.

A basic travel mug is a blessing. You can leave home with a hot cup of joe, and it won’t splash out of the mug and all over your truck’s interior. But a travel mug that actually keeps hot coffee hot, hour after hour, is a near miracle. Heated travel mugs use a variety of technologies to keep the java fires burning, from rechargeable batteries to plug-ins that will fit most vehicles. And once you’ve juiced the mug itself, you can tote your heated travel mug wherever you go. They’re just as useful around camp or at the beach or mountain cottage as they are on the highway.

Smart Approach

With a charging coaster and remote capability via an app, hot coffee is always close at hand. Tech Tools


Extended life with new battery technologies means heated travel mugs are hard at work for up to three hours at a time. Some come with charging coasters that make it easy to charge at home, while others require a 12V plug-in like those found in most vehicles. Make sure you choose a mug you can charge conveniently.

Double Dose

With two cup stations in the base, you can keep liquids warm while charging the battery for travel. Muggo


By keeping coffee at a constant temperature, you won’t need to reheat a half-full mug in the microwave, which can turn coffee bitter. Heated mugs aren’t just for commuters and car passengers. If you sip coffee for long periods of time at home or work, heated travel mugs make for a more enjoyable experience in front of your television or computer.

Recharge On the Go

An included 12 volt auto adapter plugs into any vehicle’s cigarette lighter. Tech Tools


Some heated travel mugs warm coffee to a set temperature, while others allow you to dial in for a barely-warm cup of joe to a steaming hot mug of java. If someone else will be using the mug and he or she likes coffee served at a different temperature from you, consider one that allows you to customize the heat.