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Vacuum insulated bottles have done away with the days when both lukewarm coffee and water were unsatisfying necessities. With a vacuum insulated coffee bottle, your coffee can stay piping hot for hours, and the reverse is your water and other cold drinks will stay ice cold for hours. Consider these factors when choosing the type of vacuum insulated bottle that is best for you.

Wide-mouth Bottles

This 26-ounce, wide-mouth vacuum insulated bottle is available in 13 different colors. YETI

Before looking at wide-mouth bottles, it’s important to understand how vacuum insulated bottles are made. That knowledge yields information on how one keeps drinks hot or cold for extended periods of time. Manufacturers who make these bottles form stainless steel into two bottle shapes, one bigger than the other. The inner and outer bottles are then welded together for vacuum insulation ensuring the chamber sandwiched between is completely sealed. The layer of air, working in conjunction with the two stainless steel sides, is what enables bottles to keep liquids at their original temperature. Wide-mouth bottles typically come in the 20- to 32-ounce capacity range and have an opening at the top nearly as big as the bottle itself. Many have plastic lids with a handle built in for easy transportation. They are great for coffee and other hot drinks.

Thermoses and Jugs

Holding a full 40 ounces, this vacuum thermos can carry enough coffee for a long morning in the duck blind or deer stand. Thermos

Sometimes, outdoorsmen and women go places where they plan to stay for quite some time, for instance a duck blind, deer stand or even exploring on a UTV. But just because they’ll be away from their home or vehicle for a while doesn’t mean they don’t need their caffeine fix! Vacuum insulated thermoses and large jugs are just the ticket for these situations. Many allow you to carry enough coffee or other hot drinks to keep two or three people caffeinated, and if you’re fishing in the heat or working around the house, these large jugs and thermoses can keep your ice water or ice tea cold, leaving you more time to work instead of constantly looking for a cold drink.

Water Bottles

This vacuum insulated water bottle will keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours or piping hot for 12 hours. MIRA BRANDS

While plastic water bottles are still in widespread use, they really shouldn’t be. They take a lot of energy to make, and the water in them is probably not much better than the water coming from your faucet. In addition, since plastic doesn’t break down readily in nature, these water bottles cause an environmental problem that will be with us for a long time. With a vacuum insulated water bottle, you don’t need those old plastic water bottles, anyway. While these bottles come in many shapes and sizes, most are shaped somewhat like a soda bottle or plastic water bottle. Once you own one, simply fill it up frequently and you can have enough cold water to keep you well hydrated in even the hottest of weather. And since they are available in many different colors and designs, you can even pick one that makes a fashion statement.