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Picture yourself in a camping situation where you need to set up a portable shower or porta-potty for a group of friends or maybe you’re headed to the beach and just need a place for the gang to change into their bath suits. Situations like this are why privacy tents were invented. If you’ve never shopped for a privacy tent before, you’ll be amazed at all the options. In fact, the choices can be downright dizzying. To help make choosing your privacy tent easy, we’ve put together some key factors to consider that will help make your buying decision less stressful. Here’s what to think about.

Budget Pick

At 69 inches tall, this product should be high enough for anyone. GigaTent

Check the specs carefully as many models are only 6-feet high. If you’re tall or just want a little extra head room to drop a portable shower nozzle into the tent from the above, go for as much interior head height as you can.

Extra Spacious

Thanks to a mesh construction, this product provides lots of airflow. WolfWise

Let’s face it, nobody wants to hassle complicated setups, especially when you’ve arrive in camp and somebody needs to use the tent pronto. Many models require no assembly, which is great. Just be sure there is a way to tie your portable privacy tent down. Sturdy grommets for staking down the corners are a must and guy lines that attach further up will be a lifesaver if the wind comes up suddenly. Some models even include sand bags to hold them down in rocky terrain or on the beach.


A no-floor design keeps things clean and allows shower water to drain away naturally. Green Elephant

Weight may not be a factor for car campers, when a pound here or there isn’t really a big deal. If you’re planning to kayak or backpack into a remote camp with a larger group, however, every ounce counts. Most of these units run in the four- to five-pound range, but you can find models weighing less. Just check the specs.

Oversized Dimensions

The “doors,” while they’re really just flaps, open wide for easy access. WolfWise

This is a biggie. These tents can get hot and if you’re using one to house your porta-potty, well, let’s just say the more ventilation the better. Many units have side windows that zip open, which is great, but models that have a mesh ceiling that opens to the sky will add both light and added air flow. Just be sure a rainfly is included for those days when it pours.

Roll-Up Door

This product even includes a drying line for wet clothes. Abco Tech Store

Just because you’re setting up in a campground doesn’t mean you have to do without. Many of the portable privacy tents available include all sorts of interesting accessories. A shower opening in the top is handy, but you can also find tents with a towel hanger, clothes hanger, toilet paper holder, personal belongings storage pouch, and a flashlight hanger. These may sound silly when you read about them, but they’re mighty nice to have once you’re in camp.