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Getting outdoors with your family is a great way to spend quality time together, and viewing wildlife is something everyone likes to do. Ground blinds make it easy as they provide total protection from the elements (like a quality tent), while allowing you to hide from the keen eyes of wildlife—the perfect solution for fidgety kids who can’t sit still just as a gorgeous buck is coming into view or a flight of ducks is just settling in. To help you wade through the many models available (there are dozens), here are some quick buying tips for finding a ground blind that’s just right for you.

This model features one-way, see-through walls that allow you to see without being seen. Primos Hunting

The blind you choose has a lot to do with where and how you intend to use it. If you own a large parcel of land and you don’t need to worry about taking blinds down and setting them up each time you head out to do some wildlife viewing, then more permanent, solid-walled models may be a good choice. If you want mobility, however, portable, tent-like ground blinds are the answer. Most weigh less than 25 pounds and come with carry bags that have built-in straps, so they’re easy to pack in to any location while leaving your hands free.

You can set up and take down this model in two minutes or less. Ameristep

Check the specs on prospective ground blinds carefully and compare quality construction features. Look for blinds made with high-quality materials (the higher the “denier rating” on fabric, the tougher the blind will be). Triple-stitched corners and reinforcements that prevent tent poles popping through the fabric are critical. Metal hubs where tentpoles come together to support the roof are also something to look for. Ample windows that allow 360-degree viewing are important to see game from any angle and for added ventilation in warmer months. Can you stake the blind down on windy days? Finally, consider the “quiet factor.” The fewer Velcro or noisy zippered closures the better, so you don’t accidently spoke wildlife. Simple hook-and-loop-type fasteners to secure window closures and zipperless doorways are a plus.

Constructed of a true 150-denier polyester, this model is rugged and large enough to fit two or more people. Rhino Blinds

Capacity is an important consideration. Is it just you and one other person, or might you be taking a couple of kids out with you? Erring on the larger size is always a good consideration. Many blinds will hold three people, but you can also purchase over-sized models that will hold up to five, so you can take the whole family along. It may add a few pounds of weight to pack in, but you’ll be glad to have that extra room for stowing packs. You’ll also want to ensure you have ample head room to accommodate you and your guests when you’re sitting on portable chairs (swivel types are best).

You should also evaluate the interior appointments of any ground blind you’re considering. Storage pockets inside to stow your headlamp, keys, lunch, or binoculars can be great. If your ground blind has guidelines, make sure they’re reflective so you don’t trip over them when you approach your blind in the dark. Otherwise, purchase some reflective tape to avoid falling on your face. Also, be sure your ground blind includes exterior straps that allow you to add branches and foliage, so you can “brush it in” to blend with your surroundings.